Saving Trees... One app at a time
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Flexbility - we say "yes", they say "no".

We provide enterprise-class web applications for your business processes.

CAT: Compensation Award Tool
A global, web-based solution for Base Pay (Merit/Mandated Increases/Adjustments), Lump Sum, Performance, Promotions, Equity, and Bonus (for Fortune 500 corporations).

GPMS: Global Performance Management System
A global, intuitive, easy-to-use system for tracking multi-tier performance. It incorporates Goal Planning, Annual reviews, Development Plans, Score Calibration, 360 reviews, and more.

Whiteboard ANIMATIONS for HR
We draw your customers in your virtual door with a multimedia experience that embodies "what you do" compelling them to actively participate "right now". We make complex processes easy to understand by creating whiteboard animations that engage both sides of the brain (thinking and feeling).

University Relations Tools
Global tools to manage events, recruiting, student, co-ops and interns.

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